Method Landscape Architecture


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There is a method to our work

How we’ll work together

The myth of creativity is that it arises straight out of chaos. For myself, I found the opposite to be true. Strong ideas find their way into my mind when I have very deliberate time and space for them. That is what led me to develop a clear, reliable method for my work. It’s basedon 15+ years of insight on what makes a project successful.

Besides my own creativity, this method also supports collaboration. At any point, we’ll know exactly what to expect and what choices to make. Each phase results in a graphic that illustrates possibilities and direction.

Throughout the project, we alternate between expansive and selective phases: first we explore a range of concepts that could all accomplish the project goals in different ways, then we narrow down the key idea. From there, we expand again, considering different materials and finishes, before we document our decisions in the construction set.

If you value attention to detail in design and clarity in collaboration, I think you’ll enjoy this process.

Project Startup

Intention: Understand project goals
Actions: Site survey + natural systems assessment; review of project questionnaire
Visualization: Existing conditions + rough sketches

Conceptual Design

Intention: Expand possibilities
Actions: Daigramatic studies
Visualization: Concept boards

Schematic Design

Intention: Select design direction
Actions: Solidify ideas and options
Visualization: Schematic design set with rendered perspectives + elevations

Design Development

Intention: Refine design
Actions: Explore materials and plant palette
Visualization: Design development set with refined renderings

Construction Documents

Intention: Equip contractors for buildout
Actions: Specify exact dimensions and qualities of landscape elements
Visualization: Construction documents with precision drawings

Construction Administration

Intention: Ensure realization of best project outcome
Actions: Complete site reviews, check installations, provide guidance to contractors